I forgot to post my wand last week but here it is!

I forgot to post my wand last week but here it is!

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Let’s play with Rachel’s Hair Extensions!

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Stuck in my head today…

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Watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2




Arriving at the cinemas

See a cute boy decked out in Harry Potter gear

Someone tall sits in front of me

Hear someone saying they haven’t read the books

Movie begins

First five seconds

Any and all Deaths

Fred’s Death

When Snape Dies, and someone who hasn’t read the books cheers

Ron and Hermione Kiss

After the movie Ends

The rest of my life



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Is this real life?

  • Some guy on the train: How many people are in the world?
  • Some girl on the train: 6.9 Billion, I believe.
  • Some guy on the train: Nah there can't be that much. There are only a couple hundred thousand people in the United states and we are 1/6 of the worlds population so there are like 13 million people in the world TOPS

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